Hi-Per 2 Stroke Oil

Hi-Per 2 Stroke Oil

Hi-Per 2 Stroke is a high performance, semi synthetic, low smoke, low ash 2 Stroke engine oil made from the latest synthetic additives and premium base oils. It exceeds many manufacturer requirements including API TC, JASO FC and ISO EG-C requirements.

Hi-Per 2 Stroke is suitable for use in all types of 2 stroke engines including motorcycles, mopeds and scooters that use either premix or oil injection systems. It is suitable for 2 stroke chainsaws, brush cutters, lawn mowers and other gardening equipment in domestic and industrial use. It is also suitable for stationary engines and industrial power units.


Hi-Per 2 Stroke is suitable for use and exceeds the requirements for Sea-Doo Personal Water Craft (PWC)


Mixing Ratio Chart

Fuel:Oil Ratio      Petrol              Oil

25:1                           5 Litres              200ml

50:1                           5 Litres              100ml

100:1                         5 Litres               50ml

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